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Lulu-Vi-Britania's test results

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Lulu-Vi-Britania's test results

Post by BatimoB on Thu Jan 30, 2014 1:43 pm

Match decks used: Shark/water deck (tester) vs Harpies (testee)
Match results: 0/15 points

Match deck build: 10/15 points
Match performance: 13/15 points
Concentration 4/5

Notes on performance: I was excited to see a harpies against me this time while testing, u managed to turn the tables with big eye and hysteric party. Still i feel like you can have done better using dracossack phantasmal to complete obliterate me, but still it was a very good match. You caught my misplay. Also your deck didn't have a side deck (only 1 card) but thats not enough u really need those cards as a back up in case of..

Single duel decks: Six sams (tester) vs Frognarchs/support (testee)
Single results: 5/5 points

Single performance: 10/10
Single duel decks: 7/10
Concentration 5/5

Notes: even though it was frognarchs u anticipated well on my moves and brought you victory, its unfortunately that u didn't had an extra deck even if it is frognarchs extra's can help you and bring victory. You concentrated well.

Attitude: 5/5
Different decks: 5/5
Misplays and corrections: 10/10 (-2 per misplay)

Total: 74/100

Congratulations you made it to Ra yellow

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