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How to: Earn Fast and Easy DP

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How to: Earn Fast and Easy DP Empty How to: Earn Fast and Easy DP

Post by RekonZero on Mon Nov 11, 2013 2:49 pm

Hello Guest, this guide was made to help you and the other members learn the fastest and easiest ways to earn DP here at VDA. A few suggestions are listed here in order to assist you:

Exodia Lottery: Exodia Lottery is a fun dice game where members roll a 6 sided dice 7 times; if out of those 7 times they roll all the pieces of Exodia, then they win the random DP prize. It takes some time to win, but it is definitely the fastest way to earn DP.

Destiny Board: Destiny Board is a dice game similar to Exodia Lottery, in which members roll a 6 sided dice 5 times and if out of those 5 times they roll the letters "D, E, A, T, and H", they receive the prize. The DP prize for this is random.

Battle Dice: Battle Dice is another dice game designed to seem like a 3v3 against monsters. You can learn how to play Battle Dice by clicking here. For every win you get 25DP which may not be a whole lot, but it adds up and it's super easy to play and win!

D-Boyz: D-Boyz is our newest dice game here at VDA, created by Jackachu and Yugiohmania. Unlike all the other Dice Games, this game is unique in that it is played on DN, rather than on this site. Both members create a deck of 60 cards. 3 D-Boyz is needed in this deck. The remainder of the 57 cards is random. Both players then roll a dice and inflict damage to their opponent based upon the number on the diceroll. Rules on learning the game can be found here.

Inviting New Members: This is a way to help you and the academy get better; for every new member you invite to VDA, we award you with 100DP. All you have to do is confirm here that you  invited them, and have them confirm as well, and you will be 100DP richer!

Posting Rewards: Posting rewards are milestones for our members. How it works is that once an individual reaches X amount of posts, that person will be awarded a set amount of DP. In other words, the more you post, the more DP you get further down the road. So, go play some dice games and have fun with our off topic posts and raise that posting count!!!

Dueling Section: What our dueling section provides is a place where duelists can duel to earn DP. Dueling Arena awards the duelist 50 DP per win. Shadow Arena is where duelists can bet any amount of DP, and the winner takes all. All or Nothing is a duel in which both members risk ALL their DP; winner receives all the loser's DP.

As of right now, these are the only ways you can earn DP at VDA. If you try all of these at the same time, you're sure to earn more then enough DP to buy what ever you'd like!

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