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loki's re-test results.

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loki's re-test results.

Post by D-Boyzachu100 on Sat Feb 01, 2014 5:53 pm

Match Duel Decks: Dark Magician (Tester) vs Heraldic Beasts (Testee)

Match Results: 15/15

Match Duel Deck Construction: 10/15
Match Performance: 12/15
Concentration Throughout the Duel: 5/5

Notes on Deck and Performance:
You have 43 cards, which is 1 too many as 42 is the most I would go. I would run the other 3 good limited traps instead of cylinder and 2 wraths. I wouldn't run ranibow kuriboh, as there are better card to stall than those. I would run dark hole and book of moon. You don't have a full side, but other than the first 2 and maybe the lance I would get rid of the rest and change it. Extra is fine.


Single Duel Decks: Hazy Flame Hieratic Rulers (Tester) vs Tanuki (Testee)

Single Results: 5/5

Single Duel Deck Construction: 6/10
Single Performance: 7/10
Concentration Throughout the duel: 5/5

Notes on Deck and Performance:
I would run sea koala and wind-up kitten and rykos instead of the hane hanes and the other nimble monsters tht arent momonga. I would run a better trap line up again, the other 2 limited traps, another mirror force and 2 dimensional prisons instead of the magic cylinders, the scarecrows and one of the bribes. I would also run book of moon. Again not a full side, Other than the imprisoning mirror and maybe the lances I would get rid of them. I would run only 1 dark mist and I would run 1/2 daigustos and a herald. I would run 2 warriors 1 cataster 1 fitzgerald and 1 armades.

Overall Attitude: 5/5
Different Decks: 5/5

Misplays: 10/10 (-2 for each misplay)

Other Notes: If you make the decks a bit better, I'm sure you could get obelisk next time.
Grand Total: 85/100

Welcome to Ra Yellow, I hope you enojoy your stay!

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