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Supermayank5's Test Results

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Supermayank5's Test Results

Post by Ciphermask on Wed Feb 12, 2014 10:14 pm

Match Duel Decks: Gimmick Puppets (no Leo) (Tester) vs Blackwings (Testee)

Match Results: 15/15

Match Duel Deck Construction: 7/15
Match Performance: 8/15
Concentration Throughout the Duel: 4/5

Notes on Deck and Performance:
I D/Ced in the first round, but I only had 200 LP and the opponent had multiple monsters, I had a possible counter, but it was most likely going to the testee. Testee was fairly prepared for my moves with counters, but did fall for a bluff or two (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). Testee made multiple errors involving card effects, such as with Black Whirlwind and Blackwing - Gladius, which mostly decided the game for him. Attacked into a Machina Fortress with Blackwing Armor Master, getting it destroyed in the process. Played adequately most of the time though. Side deck is typical for countering most meta decks, which isn't bad. The extra deck deserves mention as well. It had synchro variety, but some of which seemed unneeded. A few more XYZ would've helped out. Main deck only had one Blackwing - Breeze, even though he used three Black Whirlwinds. I feel like more Breeze could improve synchro summons.


Single Duel Decks: Dark World (Tester) vs Bujin (Testee)

Single Results: 5/5

Single Duel Deck Construction: 2/10
Single Performance: 5/10
Concentration Throughout the duel: 4/5

Notes on Deck and Performance:
Saw more misplays, mainly with Vanity's Emptiness (special summoned while it was in use). Ended up stalling most of the time and neglected a few potential power plays. Deck seems to be all over the place in terms of important cards. Included some Bujins that seemed unnecessary, while neglecting to use multiple copies of important ones. Used Bujingi Crow x2, Bujingi Pavo x 1, Bujingi Turtle x1, and Bujingi Raven x1, which are not very good amounts for these cards. Due to the nature of Bujins, when committing deck space to a Bujingi, you should commit multiple copies of the ones you are sure of using. Spell support wasn't very strong, but not too bad. Neglected to run multiple copies of Bujin Regalia - Sword, which is bad when you consider the amount of each Bujingi included, as it is the main card for recycling. Side deck was okay (albeit it typical) when it cames to S/T support, but the monster selection was poor. Side deck had variety, but testee did note he needed a copy of 101, but didn't have it in the deck.

Overall Attitude: 5/5
Different Decks: 5/5

Misplays: 0/10 (-2 for each misplay)

Other Notes: Made many misplays based on what I believe was an inattentiveness to both some of his and my card effects. Should work on reading and understanding card text thoroughly. I didn't acknowledge a few of his misplays that led to his victory. Testee did have fairly good timing with card effects.

Grand Total: 60/100

You will be assigned to Slifer Red

Welcome to the academy, I hope to see good things from you. I think you can benefit from some of the services this academy offers. I will enjoy seeing you improve and improve your skills.

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