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SirShady's test results

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SirShady's test results

Post by BatimoB on Sat Feb 15, 2014 6:28 pm

Match duel decks: Water/shark (tester) vs (gorgonics) testee
Match results 0/15 points

Match duel deck construction: 10/15 points
Match performance: 10/15 points
Concentration: 5/5 points

Notes of performance: you managed when having a full field against you to negate all my attack points and too shut down a couple of my cards. Also you did saved yourself with ghost of a grudge like top deck ( at a time when needed).

Single duel decks: Harpies (tester) vs Brainwash (testee)
Single results: 0/5 points

Single duel deck construction: 10/10 points
Single performance: 8/10 points
Concentration: 5/5 points

Notes: i knew the deck inmediatly as i saw that santa claws but you still played very well at the end you expected me too attack and your face down was mirror force, unlucky for you most people end easy with Gagaga cowboy.

Attitude: 5/5 points
Different decks: 5/5 points
Misplays: 6/10 points (-2 per misplay)

Total: 64/100 points

Do to the points that have been given your dorm will be: Ra yellow

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