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Wring's Deck Store Inc.

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Wring's Deck Store Inc.

Post by wring on Mon Mar 10, 2014 8:05 pm

Welcome one and all to my brand new deck shop.
I will rank my decks into tiers. From rogue to tier 1. Prices will be matched accordingly.
Monday Monday Monday Now Now Now only at Wring's Deck Store Inc. can you get the most bag for your buck.
For one week starting today I will be doing deck giveaways.
To enter all you have to do is buy a deck and you have entered into my best-deck-giveaway contest.
Once you buy one deck you will be automatically entered and you can buy as many decks as you like and I will keep giving you chances to enter.
So try while you can.

Rogue tier: These are the decks that catch people off guard. Price: 100-150 DP
A Hero Lives on - 100
Dino Rabbits - 150
Mistake Boxers - 150


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