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All or Nothing Rules.

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All or Nothing Rules. Empty All or Nothing Rules.

Post by RekonZero on Thu Nov 07, 2013 6:51 pm

This game is very much like the shadow arena, the only big difference is instead of betting DP your risking ALL your DP.

All or Nothing duels can only be done in 2/3 match, NEVER singles.
TCG only
ALL your DP is bet
Screenshots must be provided, if you cant screenshot they your opponent will need to confirm the duel

Banned decks

E drags
Burn, FTK, Exodia, Final Countdown, Self destruct button

All post duel reports should be posted in this format

(Your VDA name) vs. (Opponents VDA name)
I won/loss: (i.e. 2/0,2/1,1/2,0/2)
Amount of DP gained:

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