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fiskfangblack's Test Results

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fiskfangblack's Test Results

Post by Ehhh13 on Sun Mar 16, 2014 12:33 am

Ehhh13 vs fiskfangblack
Vampire vs Lightsworn
Tester: 1/3 Testee: 2/3

Deck Rating: 19/30
Deck Structure: 7/10 Nice cards could have more spell/trap destroying cards like mst or lyla
Deck Synergy: 5/5 No cards interfere with each other
Side Deck: 5/10 You should always have a full side deck. Add more cards to interrupt opponent like imprisoning mirrors for when you face light or dark attribute decks
Extra Deck: 2/5 Add more cards that you could use because empty spaces in an extra deck is even worse than empty spaces in side decks

Match: 29/30
Use of Cards: 10/10 Great use of cards. Nothing was wasted and everything was used to help him or hinder me
Concentration: 10/10 No mistakes at all, he even corrected me at some points xD
Control of the duel: 4/5 Great control and nice counters to my comebacks
Siding Skills: 5/5 Not really needed to side but frankly because the side wasn't too impressive and because his deck was fine as it was

Ruling Test: 3/10 Idk how the ruling test is but you got 3/10 so I'm assuming it was pretty hard O.o

Total Score: 51/70
Congrats on being placed in Prism Green! Remember that you can always change that by getting enough DP and retesting!

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