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Legcacy of Vylon Weekly Tournament 1

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Legcacy of Vylon Weekly Tournament 1

Post by D-Boyzachu100 on Sun Mar 23, 2014 4:02 am

Okay right, so here is the tournament.

Tournament Layout:
Okay the tournament will be a 5 round swiss tournament (if you don't know what that is look it up). The first round matchups are based on your lov level.
The top 4 will then proceed to a top cut single elimination bracket. (1st in swiss will play 4th, 2nd will lay 3rd.
There will then be a 3rd place match to determine 3rd place.
And the championship match, to decide the winner of the event.

Here are the rules:
Before you play a duel, you must send me a screenshot of your deck. (IF YOU DON'T YOU WILL GET A MATCH LOSS).
Match duel.
Siding is allowed.
No deck changing for the most part, see below.
After round 1 you are allowed to change your deck and submit a new screenshot (no changing the deck premise though (going from dragons to spellcasters for example).
Also, you are allowed to add cards from the new packs (the level 6 ones only)/structure decks (the level 6 ones only) into your deck at any time during the tourney, but a new screenshot must be given if you change anything.
Post screenshots of the results of the duels in this thread and try to send me a screenshot (in a pm) of one of the siding screens in the duel (so I can confirm you are using the deck you submitted to me).
If a DC occurs, printscreen me the current duel result and the match as it is and I will decide who should get the win for that game (if anyone).
If your match takes a long time, I will award a tie, or a win if one of the players is inactive.

1st: 1000 Points, 3 cards from the tournament pack, invite to the monthly tournament.
2nd: 750 Points, 2 cards from the tournament pack, invite to the monthly tournament.
3rd: 500 Points, 1 card from the tournament pack, invite to the monthly tournament.
4th: 300 Points, invite to the monthly tournament.


IF YOU SO HAPPEN TO BE IN THE MATCH LABELED L, R, X OR AD, DON'T DUEL UNLESS I AM AROUND. This is because I want to watch the duel and record it for a feature match (I will write a play-by-play sort of thing and won't be using the video for anything other than that.) (I hope to do one for each round). The same thing applies for if you are in ANY OF THE TOP CUT MATCHES.

Also, if the top 4 want to I will allow them to show their deck to everyone and write about their deck (why they are running the cards they run in it, what they think of it etc) and their tournament match-ups and how they went (result, how hard/easy it was etc) (so if you could just keep a few notes on your match-ups incase you end up in the top 4).

I thought these 2 things above would be fun, so yeah.

Try to finish the event before next week please and get your matches done quickly, or I will more than likely just scrap the weekly/mothly tournaments I planned on doing for this.

My youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/jackachugaming/featured


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