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The Black Market (Rank S)

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The Black Market (Rank S)

Post by xCryx on Sun Mar 23, 2014 5:54 pm

Im pretty sure you have heard of me...hell maybe even talked to me. I am Cry and I am new ta this shop thing. I am guessing this is how it works.
I am going to only reveal 2 decks a week and they will be on sale. I do tier decks and I do non-tier decks. If you want a personal deck done for you then personally confront me and I will have it made for you.
Shop/Tier decks will take about 1-5 hours to make.
Personal decks take about 5-7 hours but could be less depending on the deck.
My Exclusive Test Packages are just decks that I am currently making and still testing. If you buy these decks then I will basically give you the deck when I am finished making it. Unlike the regular decks...these decks you will get an exact copy of my finished product. I don't normally give away the exact copy of my decks, hence the high pricing.
The decks I make WILL be quality...or die trying.

                                                                         Tier Decks
                                                                   Hieratic Rulers:150
                                                                   Prophecy: 150
                                                                   Mermail: 150
                                                                   Geargia: 150

                                                                      Non-Tier Decks
                                                         Aqui de Draconi/Gishki-Hieratics:600
                                                           Principes Ignis/Hazy Kings: 250
                                                                    Ancient Relics: 300
                                                                       Obelisk Deck: 300
                                                      CDDS/Cyber Dragon/ Defensive/Stamina:350
                                                           CDO/Cyber Dragon/Offensive:500
                                                              Black World/Sky Norleras:200
                                                              Chaos Light/Chaosworns:450
                                                                  Exclusive Test Packages:
                                                                        W.A.T.T/Watt deck: 850
                                                           Nigrum Mundi Re/Zombie World Deck: 850


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