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Ed Elrics Test Results

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Ed Elrics Test Results

Post by Nephilim on Mon Apr 21, 2014 7:28 pm

Match Results
(Nephilim) vs (ed elric)
(Evols) vs. (Malefic Ojamas)
Result of the Duel: I won 2-0 (0/10)

Deck Rating Total: 10/45
Looked like he had a very dead draw game 1, set one card and passed. he showed me his hand after and it was pretty dead. Not much he could do.

Main Deck Structure: 3/15
Like I said, He bricked game 1 and game 2 he had to take quite a few turns to stall and set up for hurricane. Also he used about 51 cards i believe in main.

Main Deck Synergy: 3/10
Didn't really go to well together. Malefics and Ojamas. He even used Malefic Blue eyes. I didn't see much of it though because he had to go.

Side Deck: 0/10
Didn't show me deck or side.

Extra Deck: 0/10
Again, didn't show me decklist
Also 8 cards in extra deck

Notes on Deck:
I would recommend using 40 cards in the deck and just use malefics in the main that only banish from extra deck, that way you wouldnt get dead draws.

Match Performance Total: 8/35
He managed to pull off an Ojama Hurricane but only after stalling with negate attacks for about 2-3 turns. (I ended up book of mooning his monster)

Use of Cards: 3/10
He used his cards to his advantage, but didn't work out too well.
He tried to use ojama trio while I had 3 monsters on my field.
He also tried to use Ojama reds effect again to summon after his first SS.

Concentration: 5/10
He didn't wait for responses for some actions and didn't ask for responses to others.
Didn't read his card properly, He thought Ojama trio summoned on his side of the field.
He thought Maiden with blue eyes negated the targeting effect after summon.

Control of the Duel: 0/10
I had full control of both games.

Siding Skills: 0/5
Didn't show me side and took no time to side.

Ruling Test Score: 0/10
Left before taking test.

Notes on Performance:
Be sure to ask for responses to your cards, and and wait for responses for others. Make sure you read all your cards and your opponents cards clearly before taking action, if you have questions, always ask.

Final Score: 32/100
0-50 places you in Sphere Blue
51-81 places you in Prism Green
82-100 places you in Disigma Red.
To get Omega Purple, one must first achieve Disigma Red with at least a 95/100. Then he/she must contact a staff for the special Omega challenge. This is extremely difficult to accomplish; very few may even get the opportunity to try for Omega.

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