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Team/War Guide

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Team/War Guide

Post by Wrath on Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:49 pm

Team/ War Guide

The point of Teams is that you have fun and is one of the most competitive forms of duelling in VDA. Teams of members compete in Wars where they duel against other members from specific teams for your Team and also to gain rewards such as DP and reputation. Once each season ends the Teams that are at the top of the rankings (Top 4 will take part in the seasonal play-offs. Here they will face the top teams in knockout stages until they take their title as champion

Creating a Team

To create a Team one must be an official member of VDA. When creating a team you must post on the Team Registration forum with the Team Name as the Title. You must have 4 members before your team is moved to Team Bunkers but each Team is only allowed 6 members maximum.

When creating a Team there is a format that you must follow:
Team Name: (Must be the shortened version e.g. Vylon Dueling Academy – “VDA”)

Team Description/Banner: (Optional)

Team Leader: (A team must have a leader to continue if there is no leader the team will be moved back from Team Bunkers to Team Registration until the members find a leader.)

Team Member: (The maximum number of players in a Team is 6 as mentioned above and once you have 4 members your Team will be moved from Team Registration to Team Bunkers)

If you would like to join a Team then post on a Team’s thread requesting to join or you could talk to the leader in any way (Skype, PM etc.). If the leader accepts you then you will be added to the Team. Within your team you may only have up to 3 untested members but if you have any more you will be compelled to ask one untested member to get tested. For each member to have confirmed his place in a team he/she must post on the Team thread confirming their membership.

Activity In Teams

Each team will be notified in case of inactivity; at a certain point the “War Organizer” will move the team back to registration until the problem is solved or even to “Retired Teams” in extreme conditions. The leader won’t be able to lead any other team (nor join) unless his current team gets archived. In the case his team gets archived the leader can’t create another team for 2 weeks or join another team in a period of 1 week(s).
A player cannot leave a Team within a week of joining the team and must participate in at least 1 war duel during that week. A player cannot join a Team for a week after he/she has left a team unless they have a valid reason which they have PMed a “Wars Organizer”.
To stay active and in contact during wars I would like all Teams to have a Group chat on Skype, if one cannot access Skype then I will try and get something that is available to everyone so that everyone stays connected during wars and there is no inactivity in teams.

War Guide

There are many ways in which to play a War which will evolve into one the most competitive form of duelling here in VDA. The objective of a war is to defeat the opposing team in YGO. The players from each teams must duel each other on DN and save screenshots as proof of their wins and post it on the War thread. To win a war one of the teams must eliminate all of the hearts/players from the opposing team. Once this objective is reached you have won the war.

Types of Wars

There are currently 2 types of wars that will be imposed, Hearts and Draft. These are the only two types of wars that a team can declare. However, there are some rules and different game states within the 2 types of war. During each and every war substitutions can be made with players existing in that team or mercenaries which will be used once the teams and wars have gotten to a more complex and competitive manner.

Classic Hearts:

In the basic game mode each team will start off with the same number of hearts and the members of each team will duel each other to decrease the number of the opposing teams heart to 0. The team which decreases the opposing team’s hearts to 0 will win the war and be awarded. Each team can have a maximum of 8 hearts to begin with and a minimum of 4 hearts. Also in this game mode each team must have minimum player count of 4 and a maximum of 6. In the classic game mode there are no eliminations and only a maximum of 2 additional rules can be imposed on them.

Hearts (One Per Warrior):

In this game mode each team must have the same number of hearts as the opposing team and the same number of members in the war as the number of hearts they have. Here, the members must duel everyone in the opposing team and the goal is to “eliminate” everyone other member in the opposing team, however if a player loses then they cannot duel again in the war hence the Hearts (One Per Warrior).

Hearts (Two Per Warrior):

This game mode is similar to Hearts (One Per Warrior) but here each member of each team will have 2 hearts person meaning they have to lose twice to be eliminated from the war. This gives members a better chance to change the course of the war and devise strategies to help win the war. In this war there can be a minimum of 4 members and 6 members maximum and a minimum of 4 hearts and a maximum of 8 hearts to play with.

Hearts Handicap:

In this war the leaders must agree to the handicap of one team in order to war. In this game mode one of the teams will start off with less hearts than the other team, for example Team A starts off with 4 hearts whereas Team B starts off with 8 hearts. NOTE: This only applies to the number of hearts in the war and not the amount of members the teams hold. Also to be fair, the minimum number of hearts a team can possess at the beginning of the war will be at 3 so that the war will not be one-sided and the maximum number of hearts for the handicapped team will be at 6 hearts, also the opposing teams heart will always be at 8 so please discuss matters with the opposing team leader to clarify things.
Hearts Additional Rules & Regulations:
This game mode is an add-on to any off the above game modes. Here the team leaders can make any type of rules to add on to the game modes such as: “Each member can only duel twice” or “Dragon Rulers are banned”.

Classic Draft
This is the only game mode available for draft due to complexity and because I want to try out these standards before I carry on with Teams and Wars. Here each team must submit a roster of players to begin the process of the war. Then the team must select which order each player must duel in. for example:

Player 1A
Player 2A
Player 3A
Player 4A
Player 5A


Player 1B
Player 2B
Player 3B
Player 4B
Player 5B

After the war starts this roster and the order of players cannot be changed, now the process of draft will begin. Player 1A will pick a deck that he will use throughout the entire war; he must stick with it until the war ends at all costs. He/she will post the name of the deck (not must a random name but an official name such as ‘Bujin’ if the deck however is a hybrid of some kind then some techs/archetypes used in that deck must be specified). Then Player 1B an d Player 2B will choose their decks and post it on the thread then Player 2A & 3A followed by 3B & 4B and then 5A and lastly 5B. To determine which team goes 1st the rule is that the team that declares the war will have the first pick.

How to create a War

Contact the leader of the team you wish to war with
Get a verbal agreement on the war style
Get a verbal agreement on the rules (i.e. banned decks, locked decks, roster for each team, etc.)
Have one of the leaders post the war here in the Team Wars topic (see spoiler for example)
Have the other leader confirm the war post.
Contact a War Manager, Moderator or Administrator and let them know your war is ready to be approved.

Example of how a war post should look like:

Team A vs. Team B

War style: Hearts or Draft
5v5, TGC only, Banned decks (if any), Any other additional rules the teams wish to impose.

Team A Roster [10] <--- (number of hearts per team, needs to be edited according to the wins/losses so if a team were to lose a heart at the beginning then the number must be decreased to 9 and so on)
Player 1A
Player 2A
Player 3A
Player 4A
Player 5A


Team B Roster [9] <--- (which ever member that lost, there team loses 1 heart, this is an example but both teams start with the exact same number of hearts unless there are special rules imposed which I will explain soon)
Player 1B
Player 2B
Player 3B
Player 4B
Player 5B

Player 1A (2) vs. Player 1B (1)


Rewards for Teams and Wars will be great and the seasonal tournaments for teams will old even greater rewards.
For completing each war the members of each team will be awarded with 80 DP along with the number of match wins that they have achieved in that war.
For each match win the player will gain 30 DP (this applies to the team that lost too)
However if a player to win more than 4 times in that war then he would gain a bonus 40 DP.

Any other win ratio will not be awarded as this could show the inconsistency of the activity in wars of other member s in that team.

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