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~LegendaryKami~'s Test Results

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~LegendaryKami~'s Test Results

Post by Ciphermask on Thu Jun 19, 2014 10:36 pm

Match Results
Ciphermask vs ~LegendaryKami~
Evilswarm vs. Gishki
Result of the Duel: Tester wins 2/0 (0/10)

Deck Rating Total: 20/45

Main Deck Structure: 7/15

Main Deck Synergy: 6/10

Side Deck: 0/10 - None to be seen

Extra Deck: 7/10 - The extra deck isn't too bad, but it is doesn't do too much. But, this is a Gishki deck, so the extra deck won't see much use.

Notes on Deck:
The deck was kind of thrown together, which I was later informed it was indeed thrown together a few minutes prior to the test. It used all of the Gishki deck staples, but as for tech, a lot was just phoned in. The deck featured three traps, one of which was Magic Cylinder, which could've been replaced with something more useful like a Fiendish Chain or a D-Prison (or something of the sort).

Match Performance Total: 18/35

Use of Cards: 8/10

Concentration: 10/10

Control of the Duel: 0/10

Siding Skills: 0/5

Ruling Test Score: 2/10

Notes on Performance:
Nothing much ended up happening, but being as how I got out an Ophion quickly each game and started with Pandemic in hand both rounds, not much could be done. Ritual summons were out of the question, and the backrow protection (what little the deck had) never appeared. The monster effects were executed properly, so that was done well. Over all, it was a really uneven match up.

Final Score: 38/100
0-50 places you in Sphere Blue
51-85 places you in Prism Green
86-100 places you in Disigma Red.
To get Omega Purple, one must first achieve Disigma Red with at least a 95/100. Then he/she must contact a staff for the special Omega challenge. This is extremely difficult to accomplish; very few may even get the opportunity to try for Omega.

Welcome to Sphere Blue

No idea why you want the lowest dorm, but congrats, you made it.

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