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Rainmaker's test results

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Rainmaker's test results

Post by White Rose Dragon on Thu Jun 26, 2014 6:52 pm

Match Results
White Rose Dragon vs Rainmaker
EVOL's vs. LS Rulers
Result of the Duel: Testee won: 2-0 (10/10)

Deck Rating Total: 42/45

Main Deck Structure: 13/15
Lightsworn rulers are an interesting deck. One of the decks that do extremely well competitively; but never made it as a METAgame deck. That being stated, there is no direct standard deck when speaking of LS rulers.
Whats important is that you have a good set of Lightsworns as well as Rulers, then, everything else added is your own tech.

One thing I am questionable about in regardence is the Cardtrooper choice for a tech. I'm not agasint it at all, though, I am agasint only runnig one of it. If you're going to run trooper, ideally, you should have atleast 2 trooper, so that you have a higher chance to draw, use and benifit off of it.
You also dont have to run Book of moon; that being LS rulers is an aggressive deck. You'll almost never need to have defense when using this deck; and even if you did need defense, you have both Breatgrough skill as well as Necro gardna.

-1 Book of Moon
+1 Card Trooper

Main Deck Synergy: 10/10
No complaints.

Side Deck: 9/10
Side deck needs at LEAST 2 maxx "c", for a number of reasons:
stops opponets plays. no player wants to do a simple spam play if it means they wont win the game, and if it means you'd benifit more than they would
It's the best hand-trap in the game
Ideal for mirror matches, Rulers, mermails and Geargia.

-1 XYZ Encore
-1 MST

+2 Maxx "C'

Extra Deck: 10-
no complaints.

Match Performance Total: 33/35

Use of Cards: 10/10
Used his cards to the best of his and their ability.

Concentration: 9/10
Almost know complaints. A couple times he almost forgot about his mandatory wyvern, and in game 2, forgot to special summon a milled Felice. Minor things though.

Control of the Duel: 9/10
Heald absolute dominance of the field: during one point of game 1 I did hold minor controll, though, this only lasted one turn and no longer.

Siding Skills: 5/5
Sided 2 Nobleman to stop my evol plays and 2 Recless greed to stop anything I'd side. Great choices.

Ruling Test Score: 8/10

Final Score: 95/100

Welcome to Disigma Red!

White Rose Dragon

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