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Spectra0405's Test Result

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Spectra0405's Test Result

Post by Soul on Fri Jun 27, 2014 3:44 am

Match Results

(Soul) vs (Spectra0405)

(Cyber) vs. (Handolches)

Result of the Duel: Testee won: 10/10

Deck Rating Total: 37/45

Main Deck Structure: 12/15 - the deck looks consistant with a trap line up to back up the slower playing style of the deck, it worked for what he was trying to do a couple things could be roughed out but otherwise the deck worked fine

Main Deck Synergy: 8/10 -the cards synergized quite well together as so i previously explained
Side Deck: 8/10 - the side deck worked fine with the current meta i didnt see anything too out of the ordinary

Extra Deck: 9/10 - pretty standard extra deck for madolches, all the cards looked in their place and there was alot of answers.

Match Performance Total: 29/35

Use of Cards: 8/10 - he was comfertable enough with his effects and he had alot of answers for what i was doing

Concentration: 10/10 - there were no missplays, he played with good ability
Control of the Duel: 8/10 - he wasnt in control the whole time but he was almost always controlling of field making plays to get around big things like pleades.

Siding Skills: 3/5 -  i feel like  he didnt side enough to cripple me, though he sided good cards i feel as though he could have sided more like DD crow

Ruling Test Score: 8/10

Final Score: 84/100
0-50 places you in Sphere Blue
51-85 places you in Prism Green
86-100 places you in Disigma Red.

Welcome to Prism Green!



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