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Neji's test results

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Neji's test results

Post by Fluff Fluff on Thu Aug 07, 2014 5:17 pm

Match Results
Fluff Fluff vs Neji
Dark World vs. Heros
Result of the Duel: Testee lost: 1-2 (4/10)

Deck Rating Total: 30/45

Main Deck Structure: 10/15 - Why in the hell would you run Bladedge p_p It has no significance in any Hero deck anymore. Esp ones that are speed based and just Super Poly + Mask Change the whole duel. I wouldn't run Form Change as much as I'd run Mask Change Second. That really is something you should take advantage of. It doesn't require a Hero monster specifically so you could play around with it a lot. I'd use that in place of your Polys too. A Masked Hero will always do you more than a Hero made with Polymerization. It'll also always be less of a minus on your part. Keep in mind you'd go -2 for a Polymerization summon whereas with regular Mask Change you only go -1. Even Mask Change Second pays off better than Poly imo even though they both go -2. While on the subject of Poly/Change, you don't need 3 of both Miracle Fusion + Mask Change. Gets too cloggy. I'd take out 1 of each of those as well as the Bladedge for 3 Upstarts to get draw power going. I'd also really run Solemn in here. It's one of those cards you run regardless of deck.

Main Deck Synergy: 7/10 - It flowed pretty well but at times you drew into dead shit (Bladedge fucked you so badly). It coulda worked a lot faster.

Side Deck: 6/10 - Waboku + One Day of Peace are stall cards. You don't need to run them in your side. Side decks are supposed to hinder your opponent's plays. Not stall them while you try to get more cards. Paralyzing Chain I can see as your attempt to block out LS but this card honestly wouldn't do them any harm unless you really did a good chunk at their life points prior. Earth Shattering is a 10x better card than this for decks that send cards from their deck to the grave.

Extra Deck: 7/10 - Dian + Gaia are almost completely useless in this extra. You have one target to use both of them with and that's Bladedge. Unless you get Bladedge to the grave and use Miracle Fusion you'll never bring out Gaia. You also don't need 3 Dark Law despite the fact that its a very good card.

Notes on Deck: ^^^^^

Match Performance Total: 27/35

Use of Cards: 7/10 - I wanted to fucking kill you during the match. Turn 1 you Shadow Mist and get a Mask Change. You could have known the minute I activated Dealings that I was running Dark World. All you needed to do was chain Mask Change to that and summon Dark Law and YOU WOULD HAVE GAME. Dark Law fucking spells out "Anti Dark World card". There were so many times you could've just Dark Law'd my ass and I would be done for. You also sat on Acid during one ep when you added Mask Change from your grave to your hand with Mask Charge during that turn prior. You could've just set it instead of letting it sit in your hand. At least then if I Grapha'd from hand you could get rid of my target. Aside from that the card playing was decent.

Concentration: 10/10 - No misplays on your part.

Control of the Duel: 7/10 - It shifted here and there. Game 1 I couldn't get a lot going and after you used Acid to clear my field you went in for a fgt OTK. Game 2 I pretty much had since Grapha never dies plus I used Deck Devastation to clear your strategy. Game 3 it was here and there and you had me pretty low for a bit but I made a comeback.

Siding Skills: 3/5 - WTF WHY DIDNT YOU SIDE DEBUNK R U SLOW Debunk would have been better than Phoenix Wing. Yea you could have bounced my Skill Drain with it but your deck can work fine with Skill Drain on the field. It's my Grapha that's the main problem.

Ruling Test Score: 3/10

Notes on Performance: ^^^^^

Final Score: 64/100
0-50 places you in Sphere Blue
51-85 places you in Prism Green
86-100 places you in Disigma Red.

Welcome to Prism Green

When Sean tells you Shaddoll Fusion isn't that good

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