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Chapter 0 of Murder at Duelist's Kingdom

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Chapter 0 of Murder at Duelist's Kingdom

Post by Pride on Sat Aug 23, 2014 2:59 am

As the party guests enter the lobby, the butler tells them all the terrible news.
"In result of..  Recent events, each of you is now under the accusation of murder.  Master Pegesus's has been killed and each of you are suspects.  His body has been moved as we'll, so we are unable to determine where he was killed, or what he was murdered with..."

He looks down grimly. 
"Since we're all on this island as well, no law enforcement is able to be reached..  It won't be until morning until the authorities arrive.  Until then, I suggest we split up and search the house for evidence."

The group nods and everyone begins mingling.


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