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K.O. (kuriboh OTK)

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K.O. (kuriboh OTK)

Post by johnnydaboss on Tue Oct 07, 2014 12:11 am

Registration for my team: KO (Kuriboh OTK)

Team Leader: antimetagod1

Vice team leader: peteiii

1. Antimetagod1

2. Peteiii

3. B0wz

4. N/A

5. N/A


Welcome, future KO duelist!
In order to become a KO member, you have to contact me or vice team leader requesting a test. We're on DN most days, so there ya go. If you want to join, just reply, I will explain how. To join, you will have to duel me and the other members in singles (This is subject to change as we get more members, so watch out. Also, we'd prefer if you were to duel with a creative deck). After the duel, when I see how good you did along with your deck and what cards you sided, you might get in! After getting in, you will receive information regarding the rules: right now the only rules are no burn, stall, exodia, final countdown, or deckout. Anyway, hope to see ya later when we test you!

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