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CyberZombieHarpie Test Results.

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CyberZombieHarpie Test Results.

Post by LiynPride on Tue Oct 14, 2014 12:49 am

-Match Results-         -Score-

(L) 0-2 {LiynPride} vs. {CyberZombieHarpie} 2-0 (W)
             (Slime Beat)--(Cyber Dragon OTK)

-Deck Rating Total-     -Score-

  • Main Deck Structure 9/15- The deck offers a very lethal and somewhat consistent OTK. There was a lot of essential cards put in to have the deck add/draw the cards it needs to guarantee the OTK. Though even if the deck didn't have the combo pieces to drop cyber twin on the field. It still had some backup xyz cards to use, which still has a chance of turning the outcome. Despite this, it is very luck dependent on having the right cards at play to be able to perform the OTK combo. There is also a smashing ground implemented in the deck for what ever reason, which could obviously be taken out for a Raigeki instead to compliment the OTK. As many OTKs are dependent on a field nuke to secure the win. Yet it was still a rather generously consistent deck for an OTK build.

  • Main Deck Synergy 8/10- Cards such as Upstart, cardcar, reckless, Machine dupe, Core, etc.. Were thinning the deck properly. Making the possibility of that OTK more likely to happen. Take out smashing ground for Raigeki as stated above and Torrential tribute to take bottomless. You need your field nukes. And 3 MST is excessive for a deck using 3 trap stuns/2 forbbiden lance. 2 MST is just fine (Side in the 3rd one if necessary.)

  • Side Deck 0/5- The side deck is literally a wad of things bundled in there. None of the cards provide a real answer to problematic encounters. The extra deck could have- 3x royal decree Sitting in there for sure, shadow-imprisoning mirror, and threatening roar (for extra stall time.) As well as many other possibilities. But the side deck given mind as well be blank.

  • Extra Deck 7/10- I like that you have mostly all of the essential weapons in your extra deck. However* Armor Kappa has to go. Replace 1 with Volcasaurus and the other with another raccoon kagemusha. This cards can help you run over any problem monsters which make their way onto the field. As well as a possible win with volcasaurus's burn dmg. You will not be summoning out many Rank 2s anyways. So there is no need to more than 2.

-Match Peformance Total-       -Score-

  • Use Of Cards 2/10- Though the testee did pull off the OTK once. However during it he/she was making many many errors/misplays which required a start over, or cause him/her to inflict less damage than they could have. Or summoning an Honest? One should never ever! summon an honest... It's best used for it's effect, nothing more.

  • Concentration 0/10- Brimly noticed anything. Even made many many misplays on their part. Sent honest to the graveyard instead of returning it to the hand when using it's effect to bounce itself. Having more than 6 cards in hand. Summoning Kagemusha tokens in def, then entering battle phase realizing they didn't summon token in atk. And game was just a cluster of cards flying everywhere for no purpose at all. I didn't summon a mandatory slime and used duality. They eventually realized after the turn was over.

  • Control Of The Duel 9/10- I was using a very piss poor deck. So this one is clearly my fault. However every time I had a response with a trap card. He/She responded with a trap stun to completely hinder any actions I can do. As well as back row of her own to stop my tokens. I only had control for 3 turns during 1 round before I got OTK'd.

  • Siding skills 0/5- As stated above, the side deck was pitiful. Providing virtually nothing besides a random solemn and torrential in the side deck. Either main these cards or take them out. And replace Bottomless for Torrential. The user swapped a reckless for a solemn. Which the Solemn was able to stop my jam machine. But why in the world would you side out the card which brings you more deck sustainability? Siding it with bottomless would've been more useful.

-Rulings Test-    -Score-

The user Christmas tree'd it but got 2 right.
I guess meh..? Better than none. (Though I've Christmas tree'd state exams and have gotten passing scores.) *Get those Christmas treeing skills on point!*

-RESULTS-                    -FINAL SCORE-
0-50 Places you in {Sphere Blue}
51-85 Places you in {Prism Green}
86-100 Places you in {Disigma Red}
95-100 Qualifies you for {Omega Purple Test}

Welcome to! {Sphere Blue}

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