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Joey Yamamoto's Test Results

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Joey Yamamoto's Test Results

Post by PimpinEveryNubInSlifer on Sat Oct 25, 2014 12:09 am

Match Results
I Forgot vs Joey Yamamoto
Super-Heavy Samurai vs. Battlin' Boxers
Result of the Duel: Testee lost: 1-2 (4/10)

Deck Rating Total: 17/45

Main Deck Structure: 5/15
You don't run enough backrow, Too many monsters and chances are they'll only be wasted space in your hand since you can only normal summon once. You run so many ninja's but only 1 target for super ninja art. Equips are generally not a good option unless your going for a full-on beatdown but even then these aren't really viable equips considering you have axe of despair which is a straight 1000 atk. You also run so many monsters but no Reinforcement of the army? You run Dark Hole but not raigeki also.
Main Deck Synergy: 6/10
Boxers work together great, ninja's just as well. Add em up and they're not so good anymore.
Side Deck: 0/10 -
Extra Deck: 6/10 -
Castel, Exciton, 101 are all missing which are some of the best rank 4's this format. Please re-consider your extra deck choices.
Notes on Deck:
I don't normally work on ratio's but as a general idea try to seperate your deck into 2 seperate decks and keep it at around 20 monsters max.

Match Performance Total: 22/35

Use of Cards: 8/10
Considering what he had available to him he played the deck well, except he ended up wasting an equip before xyz'ing and could not foresee that he might.
Concentration: 8/10
Tried to use ninja art with no valid target in deck.
Control of the Duel: 6/10
Throughout duels 1 and 3 my field was 3 xyz monsters. At one point he used dark hole and got control for almost a turn the first game. For the second game he was almost in total control but i managed to make a small comeback which still proved to be inevitable that game.
Siding Skills: 0/5

Ruling Test Score: 2/10

Notes on Performance:

Final Score: 44/100
0-50 places you in Sphere Blue
51-85 places you in Prism Green
86-100 places you in Disigma Red.
To get Omega Purple, one must first achieve Disigma Red with at least a 95/100. Then he/she must contact a staff for the special Omega challenge. This is extremely difficult to accomplish; very few may even get the opportunity to try for Omega.

Welcome to Sphere Blue! We wish you the best of luck in honing your skills and rising up the ranks, Good luck!

I Lost, 0-2, gg.

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