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Katanoske's results

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Katanoske's results

Post by Sevencolors on Wed Oct 29, 2014 4:59 pm

Match Results
(<<<<<) vs (^^^^^)
(Constellar) vs. (Madolche)
Result of the Duel: Testee lost 0-2 (0/10)

Deck Rating Total: 34/45

Main Deck Structure: 8/15 Take out the two madolche lesson and the two madolche nights, Lesson just isn't needed with the amount of grave clear madolche just naturally has, but on the other side Madolche nights isn't needed because the chance of having a monster in your grave is too high to risk having a dead trap on the field. Take out the one scrap iron scare crow because running it at one is bad and it's effect isn't all that good considering how much decks can fill the field if they want to now. Replace these 5 cards with the staple traps, Solemn, Compulse, Torrential, Bottomless, And D-prison. your monsters are looking fine other than the cruffsant, choux, and marmalmaide. these can be replace with something to help the deck flow better like T.G warewolf. Spells were fine other than chateau doesn't need to be at three. drop it to two.

Main Deck Synergy: 7/10 Deck ran fine but could have run better if there was some more protection and the monsters effects didn't vary so much with the ones i mentioned above.

Side Deck: 9/10 - everything but the dust tornado looked nice. I would get rid of it for something more important to counter the current meta with like ally of justice cycle reader or even chain disappearance.

Extra Deck: 10/10 - fairly basic but no real issues.

Notes on Deck: ^^^^^

Match Performance Total: 13/35

Use of Cards: 5/10 On the very first turn of game 1 testee spammed monsters and played all spells as fast as he could leaving nothing in hand. All i had to do was play an exciton and I won. In game two testee just spammed away regardless of my full backrow which i had just about every answer to his plays in.

Concentration: 4/10 -2 for forgettign tenki eff in G1, -2 for not waiting on me to use exciton eff then chaining breakthrough but instead played breakthrough and letting me chain his eff for game. -2 for forgetting wiretaps eff that sends to deck instead of grave.

Control of the Duel: 4/10 On the second to last turn of game 2 when i had used all my cards testee smartly spammed away knowing i had no responses and almost took me down shy a few hundred points. I then won with the dmg from corn ship eff. Really only time he had control.

Siding Skills: 5/5 sided well with what he had.

Ruling Test Score: 2/10

Notes on Performance:

Final Score: 49/100
0-50 places you in Sphere Blue
51-85 places you in Prism Green
86-100 places you in Disigma Red.
To get Omega Purple, one must first achieve Disigma Red with at least a 95/100. Then he/she must contact a staff for the special Omega challenge. This is extremely difficult to accomplish; very few may even get the opportunity to try for Omega.

Welcome to Sphere Blue

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