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Rocklegend73 Test results.

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Rocklegend73 Test results.

Post by LiynPride on Wed Nov 12, 2014 1:48 am

-Match Results-         -Score-

(W) 2-1 {LiynPride} vs. {Rocklegend73} 1-2 (L)
               (Ghostricks)--(Fire Fist)

-Deck Rating Total-     -Score-

  • Main Deck Structure 13/15- It was a very great build though it could be a whole lot better if you had 3 "coach soldier wolfbark" instead of 1. Take out the 2 night beams you got for room for 2 wolfbarks. Also running "fiendish chain" and "breakthrough skill" is a no go, have one or the other. Replace which ever you choose to get rid of with "vanity's emptiness" It is a must for the current meta. Aside from that everything was where it should be.

  • Main Deck Synergy 8/10- It searched heavily, brought what ever he needed to his hand. Just needs the cards I listed above ^^^.

  • Side Deck 9/10- I see your reasoning for "Pulling the rug" but it isn't really that great of a card, when you think of it in the long run. I would suggest throwing in "karma-cut", or "mask of restrict" in place of it. It will give you more versatility against other decks you come across.

  • Extra Deck 6/10- "Photon bounzer"?? To situational, you have to have 2 synchros just to xyz into it. Just replace it for "exciton knight". Also replace those other random rank 4's with "ragnazero" "Heartland Draco" "Dark rebellion dragon" (don't take out tiger king obviously, he's good where he is.) 

-Match Performance Total-       -Score-

  • Use Of Cards 9/10- Everything was played to the best of it's use. Only issue was he didn't know he could Solemn my summon of alucard, since I used Ghostrick vanish during that turn.

  • Concentration 10/10- On top of EVERYTHING. Asked many questions he was unsure of, made sure I was applying the attk boost of Tenki and the other spells. Great awareness, what more can be said? He did a great job.

  • Control Of The Duel 8/10- I got the largest "Suprise mutha%$%^#" moment when I find out he main'd Shadow-Imprisoning mirror, and he used it on me early off in game 1. He completely shut me down game one. Game 2 he had control from the beginning but I turned things around with a well times MST. Game 3 he bricked hard, not really his fault on that one, it happens.

  • Siding skills 4/5- Siding in that Dimensional fissure would've hurt a lot more than you think*. Everything was sided to perfection, my only complaint was "Pulling the rug".

-Rulings Test-    -Score-

Comments- You did so well... What killed you was the pts off from the little things which added up, and the ruling test hurt you from getting Disigma red also.. But don't fret on it. If you do a re-test I'm confident you will make it. But you are the highest score I've ever given out. Major congratz mate. Cheers!

-RESULTS-                    -FINAL SCORE-
0-50 Places you in {Sphere Blue}
51-85 Places you in {Prism Green}
86-100 Places you in {Disigma Red}
95-100 Qualifies you for {Omega Purple Test}

Welcome to! {Prism Green}

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Re: Rocklegend73 Test results.

Post by AdamTheTopGunDemamp on Wed Nov 12, 2014 1:55 am

pretty colors <3


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