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Plox try meh idea! (RP idea Discussion)

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Plox try meh idea! (RP idea Discussion)

Post by RaiChoss on Thu Nov 13, 2014 2:45 am

The idea of this rp is to go through all the yugioh seasons,and era's only using cards with in that era/season (EX.Duelist kingdom-Structure decks and the first 3 booster sets)you may only have 1 of every card except cards that require or has an effect that requires itself EX.Thunder dragon/DayBreaker,tour guide,But you can only have 1 set of cards like this.

We'll start off in the Japanese national duel monsters champion ship and the first two card sets of yugioh Legend of the blue eyes white dragon and metal raiders...lemme know if you like the idea or anything that i can do to Coerce you into participating if you like it then just leave your deck and character profile down below,we'll discuss more if this poll gets a more positive reply.

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