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anpower Test Results.

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anpower Test Results.

Post by LiynPride on Fri Dec 12, 2014 9:47 pm

-Match Results-         -Score-

(W) 2-0 {LiynPride} vs. {anpower} 0-2 (L)

-Deck Rating Total-     -Score-

  • Main Deck Structure 8/15- I do not play nordics/have never touched nordics, for this reason I will not suggest anything related to the archetype, but instead I will suggest staple cards required to be able to be competitive for the format. "Mirror force" is not good at all anymore replace this with "Vanity's Emptiness" x3. "Dark Hole" replace with "Raigeki" though personally I would not run either, since decks like having their cards sent to the graveyard. I use "Book of Moon" over "Dark Hole/Raigeki" when I am able to.

  • Main Deck Synergy 7/10- Made consistent synchros, with liable backrow to support it. He just wasn't able to use his backrow since "Harpies Hunting Ground" being anti backrow.

  • Side Deck 0/10- *Crickets* N/A

  • Extra Deck 4/10- Needs a major fix up, there is random synchros with no correspondence to the deck everywhere such as "Colossal Fighter" "Fortune Tune" "Ally of Justice Decisive Armor" 2x Odins (You only need 1 odin.) Look into these cards--> "Goyo Guardian" "Armades, Keeper of Boundaries" "Samsara, dragon of rebirth" "Yazi, evil of the yang zing" (Yazi is a generic scrap dragonish monster, it's best quality is it's adequate atk and it cannot be targeted by opponent's card effects.)

-Match Performance Total-       -Score-

  • Use Of Cards 8/10- For what he had, he was able to get out consistent synchros such as Odin and Loki. Of course better card choices would've made the deck much more competitive. Otherwise he played what he had well.

  • Concentration 8/10- Only mistake made was he tried to use a "Mystical Space Typhoon" from his hand during my turn. Otherwise very alert during the entirety of the duel.

  • Control Of The Duel 4/10- Pulled out an Odin and I couldn't "Phoenix Wing Wind Blast" it since it could make itself immune to spells/traps. But not much was being controlled; I'm giving additional points since he did run fiendish chain and other viable backrow, he just wasn't able to use it since "Harpies Hunting Ground" is anti backrow.

  • Siding skills 0/5- No side deck. Example of an ideal side deck for this format VVV.

-Rulings Test-    -Score-

Comments- For what you had you did pretty good. Though as I've stated during the test, You should have used a more competitive deck. You could have made Prism Green if you had a side deck, cause that's where you lost the most valuable points at. <--

-RESULTS-                    -FINAL SCORE-
0-50 Places you in {Sphere Blue}
51-85 Places you in {Prism Green}
86-100 Places you in {Disigma Red}
95-100 Qualifies you for {Omega Purple Test}

Welcome to! {Sphere Blue}

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