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Petercob's Test Results.

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Petercob's Test Results.

Post by LiynPride on Fri Dec 26, 2014 3:53 pm

-Match Results-         -Score-

(L) 0-2 {LiynPride} vs. {Petercob} 2-0 (W)
                   (Yang Zings)---(Qliphorts)

-Deck Rating Total-     -Score-

  • Main Deck Structure 13/15- Standard Qliphort build (They're all the same build everytime mostly... lol) There were just a few issues I'd point out. Raigeki is not needed at all in Qliphorts, you could replace that with "Laser Qlip" which is a remarkable card when used correctly and even allows huge first turn openers. I understand Burning Abyss and Shaddolls are huge decks right now, but you shouldn't main x2 shadow-imprisoning mirror unless you know for sure (I will not be subtracting pts for this, but I will take 1 pt off since you should always run 3x Shadow-Imprisoning mirror.) Then there's the "Limiter Removal" Qliphorts are not an OTK deck and it does not boost "Apoqliphort Tower" Since this is a normal summon/tribute summon dependent deck, you should replace the "Limiter Removal" with the third "Pot of Duality" Otherwise everything is 100% good where it is standard Qliphort deck.

  • Main Deck Synergy 9/10- It's Qliphorts, it adds what it needs. Things that would improve it are stated above ^^^^.

  • Side Deck 7/10- It's a bit scattered here. If you are going to have "Monarch's Stormforth" at least have the "Majesty's Fiend" to go with it. The third "Shadow Imprisoning-Mirror" as I've said before should be run in the whole 3x cluster, either you side all 3 in or main all 3. 3x "Trap stun" is acceptable. Take out "Solemn Warning" Shaddolls and Burning Abyss do not care about getting solemn'd since they still get a bunch of retarded effects anyways. The only reason you saw me running "Solemn Warning" was because the deck I used was the outdated version... (Cause I forget to delete my other outdated decks..) Then there's the "Compulsory Evacuation Device" either main it or leave it. I also recommend you shove in 3x "Spell Shattering Arrow" for the mirror match. Don't put "Fairy Wind" since it will also blow up your spells/traps and force you to loose life points which you essentially need to pay for "Qliphort Scout". 

  • Extra Deck 10/10- The extra deck is hardly used anyways.. Unless to special summon pendulums back. But if the extra deck was going to be used, every staple is there and there is no complaints what so ever. Besides replacing "Dark Rebellion Dragon" with "Ragnazero".

-Match Performance Total-       -Score-

  • Use Of Cards 10/10- It's not that hard to use Qliphorts lol. He played it just as everyone else would have played it, and he timed his "Vanity's Emptiness" perfectly.

  • Concentration 10/10- Not a single misplay and even knew that Solemn'd Pendulums do go to the graveyard and not the extra deck. Clearly not your average cookie. 

  • Control Of The Duel 10/10- I got screwed by a vanity both games lol. It also didn't help that I picked my outdated version of my Yang Zings. 

  • Siding skills 5/5- Here comes "Soul Drain" and "Chain Disappearance"... lmao

-Rulings Test-    -Score-

Comments- I do realize he scored 7/10 on his rulings test. However as I pointed out to Jack, the "Effect Veiler" vs Bujins and Judgment dragon ruling is outdated, since "Effect Veiler" now has different card text. And he thoroughly showed understanding of both Pre-Errata and Post-Errata Rulings. He did great (It's hard not to do great with Qliphorts..), He knew his stuff, and was an obvious experienced player. Though I would have gave him a better duel if I didn't manage to pick my outdated version of my Yang Zings lol. 

-RESULTS-                    -FINAL SCORE-
0-50 Places you in {Sphere Blue}
51-85 Places you in {Prism Green}
86-100 Places you in {Disigma Red}
95-100 Qualifies you for {Omega Purple Test}

Welcome to! {Disigma Red}

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