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National's Rules and Regulations

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National's Rules and Regulations Empty National's Rules and Regulations

Post by RekonZero on Thu Apr 09, 2015 6:00 am

Welcome Guest, to the National's section of VDA! We strongly encourage our members to participate in these tournaments as it will help the learning process (this is an academy after all). For those of you that are new to the tournament life style of YuGiOh, lets go over some of the rules and regulations that we enforce to keep our tournaments organized and most importantly, fun!

National's Regulations:

  1. Must have a Dueling Network account that is usable
  2. Must be a tested VDA Member that Topped in the last Regional Tournament for their respected dorm.
  3. Exodia Platinum duelists will get a free entree into these tournaments (even if they are staff!)
  4. A VDA judge is the only official that can handle ruling/cheating disputes
  5. All matches are 2/3 and will use the current ban list, these matches should be hosted in Advanced (Unrated)
  6. Banned decks include all of the follwing: Burn, Stall, Alternate win condition, ect.
  7. If found cheating in the tournaments you will immediately be disqualified from the tournament and may even be banned from future National tournaments
  8. Those matches that do not duel within the 48 hour window will be disqualified from the tournament. 48 hours is all you have to complete the match, if you are active but your opponent is not please screenshot proof of this (such as DN last login times) and send to a judge or admin.
  9. In a case that both users are inactive then the match will be classified as undetermined and no one will advance.
  10. Must have 3 or fewer profile warnings to join the National tournaments.

National's Rules:

  1. Matches must be hosted in Advanced (Unrated) on DuelingNetwork.com
  2. You cannot change decks after your first match in the tournament, anyone caught doing so will get a warning to change decks but if caught again you will be disqualified from the tournament.
  3. If caught cheating you will receive an in-game warning, if caught again you will instantly be disqualified.
  4. If you are using a deck that is banned from being used you will be allowed to change decks one time (per duel), if done again you will be forced to forfeit the match
  5. Extreme cases of gloating or boasting is frowned upon and can be punishable based on the offense. This is an official tournament so we expect all duelists to show sportsmanship.
  6. We have a low tolerance for ragers, this includes (but is not limited to) trash talking your opponent, excessive cursing, Name calling, spamming chat, any form of disrespect, ect. So if caught raging excessively you may be forced to disqualify yourself from the rest of the tournament.
  7. AFK's during the duels without warning can result in a forfeit of the match so let your opponent know the reason you need to AFK. Even still, AFK's are only allowed up to 15 minutes before they are forced to forfeit the game. If back before 10 minutes after that duel then they can continue the match but if not then the match is considered a loss for the AFK.
  8. There will be 4 rounds of Swiss tournament style and then a cut of the top 8 members (May changed based off of number of entries) into a single elimination tournament.
  9. In order to TOP you must be of the top 4
  10. Have fun! ask questions if you are confused about anything else.

FAQ related to the VDA National's:

What do I need to do in order to qualify for this tournament?

  • You need to have topped in the Regional tournament that was hosted for your dorm (this means you placed 4th or higher), You need to have 3 or fewer warnings, Be active!

What prizes can I earn from winning or topping in this tournament?

  • You can earn various prizes! This includes (but isn't limited to): Pro Points to get you closer or farther in being considered a Pro Duelist at VDA, DP rewards, Signature designs to show you won this tournament, bragging rights!

National's Rules and Regulations Vgmniw10

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