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Yuki Usagi Results

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Yuki Usagi Results

Post by AdamTheTopGunDemamp on Sun Apr 19, 2015 12:14 pm

Gab vs Yuki
Nimbles vs Heavy sams
Result: 0-2 she won 10/10

Deck rating Total: 42/45
Main deck: 15/15 its pretty good but id reccomend more BR removal
Synergy: 10/10
Side deck: 8/10 get some flying C in there and add a 3rd cyclone for pesty heavy br decks
Extra deck: 9/10 main in ur extra just 1 beast because vs nekroz its just a game winner.

Match Performance: 23/35

Use of cards: 6/10 Dint use BTS when i gungired, dint attack with castel when i had buble up even tho its a rank 4 not level 4
Concentration: 6/10 ^^ See above
Control of the duel: 7/10 G1 i had control she ripped a gorz to save her and she slowly took it bk, G2 good control.
Siding Skills: 4/5 sided okay but keeping in ur gorzes was better then subbing them out.

Ruling test: X/10 TBD

Total: 75+ (ruling test)

Welcome to Ra either enjoy ur stay here Smile

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Re: Yuki Usagi Results

Post by ~Nickz on Sun Apr 19, 2015 12:17 pm




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