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Team Registration Guidelines.

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Team Registration Guidelines. Empty Team Registration Guidelines.

Post by Megaz0rd on Sun Apr 19, 2015 11:50 pm

The point of Teams is that you have fun and is one of the most competitive forms of duelling in VDA. Teams of VDA members compete in Wars where they duel against other official teams. During these team wars for your Team has the chance to gain rewards such as DP and reputation.

Creating a Team

To create a Team one must be an official member of VDA. When creating a team you must post on the Team Registration forum with the Team Name as the Title. You must have 5 members before your team is moved to Team Bunkers but each Team is only allowed 8 members maximum.

When creating a Team there is a format that you must follow

Team Name: (Must be the shortened version e.g. Vylon Dueling Academy – “VDA”)

Team Description: (What does your team stand for? What does your team duel for? Fame? Pride? DP?)

Team Leader: (A team must have a leader to continue if there is no leader the team will be moved back from Team Bunkers to Team Registration until the members find a leader.)

Team Co-Leader: (A team must have a Co-Leader in the case the the official leader is absent, the Co-Leader will take their place.

Team Members: (The maximum number of players in a Team is 8 as mentioned above and once you have 5 members your Team will be moved from Team Registration to the Official Team Section

If you would like to join a Team then post on a Team’s thread requesting to join or you could talk to the leader in any way (Skype, PM etc.). If the leader accepts you then you will be added to the Team. Within your team you may only have up to 3 untested members but if you have any more you will be compelled to ask one untested member to get tested. For each member to have confirmed his place in a team he/she must post on the Team thread confirming their membership.

Activity In Teams

Each team will be notified in case of inactivity; at a certain point the “War Organizer” will move the team back to registration until the problem is solved or even to “Retired Teams” in extreme conditions. The leader won’t be able to lead any other team (nor join) unless his current team gets archived. In the case his team gets archived the leader can’t create another team for 2 weeks or join another team in a period of 1 week(s).
A player cannot leave a Team within a week of joining the team and must participate in at least 1 war duel during that week. A player cannot join a Team for a week after he/she has left a team, To stay active and in contact during wars I would like all Teams to have a Group chat on Skype, or a different group calling program.

Team Registration Guidelines. MV7HHbP

Team Registration Guidelines. 07SV03W

Team Registration Guidelines. 9i4UzHF

Team Registration Guidelines. Ofx1p7p

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