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sonny360 test results

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sonny360 test results

Post by AdamTheTopGunDemamp on Sat May 02, 2015 8:56 am

Match Results:
Me vs sonny
Gears vs OCG Synchrons
Score 1-2 6/10

Deck Rating Total: 38/45
Main deck structure: 13/15 Id run the 3rd decree given how reliant the deck is on avoiding BR> Other then that its decent.
Main Deck Synergy: 10/10 nuff
Side deck: 5/10 Virtually nothing for Nekroz, get some shared rides in, Practically nothing for Shadolls either.
Extra deck: 10/10 seems alright

Match performance: 12/35
Use of Cards: 6/10 Flipped decree on his DP and not my EP, Dint use the scrap + spark combo when he could have instead destroyed a FD card.
Concentration: 4/10 ^^ see above + forgetting doppel but i let u go back
Control of the duel: 6/10 G1 Yes G2 No G3 Decree vs 5  so Yes
Siding Skills: 2/5 You sided mediocre you have 2 MST 2 Night beams vs a HEAVY br deck and u dont side them luckily u drew into 1 of ur 2 decrees and i had 0/3 MST so u got away with it, but usually you wouldnt and would need more BR removal.

Total Score: 63/100

Welcome to RA enjoy ur stay Smile


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