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Amaterasu's Test Results

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Amaterasu's Test Results

Post by YoungX on Tue Jun 23, 2015 8:53 pm

Match Results
(YoungX) vs (Amaterasu)
(Battlin Boxers) vs. (Anti-meta)
Result of the Duel: Testee lost: 1-2 (4/10)
Deck Rating Total: 28/45
Main Deck Structure: 11/15 - Pretty straightforward anti-meta. Though cyber dragon is not the best thing to use in anti-meta. Also 3 MST and 3 Lance is overkill. I would recommend Vanity's Emptiness since your deck is anti-meta.
Main Deck Synergy: 6/10 - The concept of anti-meta is defined in this deck, but sometimes you may find yourself in awkward situations regarding hands.
Side Deck: 5/10 - The Beast king barbarous is not recommended especially because Skill Drain is at 1 now.1 smashing ground is awkward and having 1 of each mirror is awkward. Snowman eater is fine, but out-of-date with the current meta.
Extra Deck: 6/10 - A little out-dated with current meta, but at the time it would've done ok. Chimera tech Fortress Dragon is not the best monster to put in to an anti-meta deck.

Match Performance Total: 31/35
Use of Cards: 10/10 -In terms of what you had, you used them to the best of your ability. There's not much I could comment on what you could've done instead.
Concentration: 10/10 -Decided to test him. I activated Battlin boxer spirits when he had a dimensional fissure on field. Testee did not realize that I could not use it because I could fulfill the cost requirements to activate it which was sent the top card to the graveyard. But I decided not to count that against him. Other than that, stellar concentration.
Control of the Duel: 7/10 - It was at most, not even close to being a one-sided duel. It was more back to back control.
Siding Skills: 4/5 - Siding is pretty good. There was not a need to side a lot of cards to begin with against Battlin Boxers.

Ruling Test
Ruling Test Score: 4/10 (1 for each correct answer)

Final Score: 67/100
0-65 places you in Slifer Red
66-85 places you in Ra Yellow
86-100 places you in Obelisk Blue.
To get Exodia Platinum, one must first achieve Obelisk Blue with at least a 95/100. Then he/she must contact a staff for the special Exodia challenge. This is extremely difficult to accomplish; very few may even get the opportunity to try for Exodia.

Welcome to Ra Yellow!

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