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{(SAO)} Kirito's test results

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{(SAO)} Kirito's test results

Post by Kaat the Alien Queen on Wed Aug 12, 2015 8:54 am

Match Results
(Allergic To Kaats) vs ({(SAO)}Kirito)
(Igknights) vs. (Batteryman)
Result of the Duel: Testee lost:, 0-2 (0/10)

Deck Rating Total: 29/45

Main Deck Structure: 9/15

Main Deck Synergy: 8/10

Side Deck: 2/10 - An incomplete side deck is a bad side deck. Main deck cards in a side deck is a bad side deck. I guess you ran a copy of Shadow-Imp mirror? That works I guess.

Extra Deck: 10/10 - Not really sure about the cards you're supposed to run in an extra for battery, since you don't usually go into them, but seemed good enough.

Notes on Deck: You don't need that many revival cards. Just, don't. Also Light-Imp mirror should not be in batterymen. Hurts you. And even if you do should be in side, not main. Make an actual side  deck too.

Match Performance Total: 16/35

Use of Cards: 4/10

Concentration: 10/10

Control of the Duel: 2/10

Siding Skills: 0/5

Notes on Performance:

Final Score: 45/90
0-65 places you in Slifer Red
66-85 places you in Ra Yellow
86-100 places you in Obelisk Blue.

Welcome to Slifer Red! Enjoy your stay.

Kaat the Alien Queen
Kaat the Alien Queen

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