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My 1000th (technically 1005th but still) post!

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My 1000th (technically 1005th but still) post! Empty My 1000th (technically 1005th but still) post!

Post by Lusterine on Fri Feb 26, 2016 3:37 pm

So a landmark like 1000 posts not be a lot to you guys - however I'm actually overjoyed because of the fact that within the period of time that VDA has existed - I've finally got up to over 1000 posts. Why? Well it dates back to when I joined this place a long, long time ago (yes, this is going to be a history post):

Back when I joined VDA around about 2 - maybe 3 - years ago, I came here with one sole purpose - to talk to Rekon fgt about stealing potential affiliates from another forum I was running at the time. Sadly enough - when I got on Rekon wasn't here - however I did meet a very large community of individuals. I was pretty angry at the time, and although I did get tested into slifer red b/c I was such a bad player back then (and tbh still today) and then banned on my first day - I knew for a fact that this place would grow on me. And it did. After the initial banning - I stayed for about a week or two and then left because I didn't feel like I needed to be there. I still popped in every month or so to see how the academy was growing. Then around September 2014 I checked back on the academy as I usually did - and ended up staying for a while. In that time - I made friends (like Carly, Jack, Psyk0 (although that was slightly later on), Ciphy, Sassy-kins, Fl0f and like 9 other people like Nmbr at one point) and it was pretty sweet. I eventually got the chance to get a retest - and got into Ra yellow. I was marginally off of Obelisk blue - but still.

About a month after that I decided to apply for the role of teacher. I got the gig and was pretty happy. I made a couple of articles - then decided I'd have a go at testing. I applied, and also got in. Testing here allowed me to improve my testing skills across the board. These were all lower staff positions - so when I was offered the chance to become one of the administrators here at VDA in early 2015 - I jumped the chance. About two weeks after that - I started my role as the new owner of VDA. It was a pretty nice gig - but I gave that up to become a moderator. I stayed as a moderator for about 4 months at least before becoming an admin yet again. As before - I was pretty psyched. VDA slowly started to die however - and that meant people lost motivation. The previous owner before that decided on the 1st of September 2015 to give me back my owner status. Again - I was pretty hyped. I stayed in that position for about 5 months before Rekon came back and ripped my crown off of me - although to be honest I can't be happier to give it up.

Now while my rags to riches story started to develop - so did the rest of VDA. VDA went through dry spells and rich spells, re-designing periods, the time in which Sean became Hitler and then the time where Chichi decided that he wanted to be owner, and many other things that make this place the way it is today. This place isn't a large part of my life - however it certainly is one of the best academies that I have spent my time at. I couldn't be more happy to be making my 1000th post here today - knowing that the past few years I have spent here have been absolutely amazing. I just hope I can make it to 2000 without this place dying again.

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My 1000th (technically 1005th but still) post! Empty Re: My 1000th (technically 1005th but still) post!

Post by StressGx on Fri Feb 26, 2016 4:27 pm

banned on my first day
Bring this fucking Luke back!

could be a drinking game this though, drink everytime you read "gig"

Mega not even getting a name check :O #Hurtful

...brought a tear to my eye, brilliant. the modern day Shakespeare.


Song of da 2* week

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