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(T.Ragnarok) Broder Test Results

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(T.Ragnarok) Broder Test Results Empty (T.Ragnarok) Broder Test Results

Post by Ephemeral on Thu Jan 23, 2014 9:54 pm

Match Duel Decks: Psychics (Tester) vs Gimmick Puppets (Testee)

Match Results: 0/15

Match Duel Deck Constuction: 7/15
Match Performance: 7/15
Concentration Throughout the Duel: 3/5

Notes on Deck and Performance: Testee's match deck could definitely use some work here and there. First off, you should always keep your deck around 40-42 cards in the main. You should add more support cards for your puppets and reduce the number of monsters you have. Secondly, side deck should always be maxed out in match duels, as during later games, the side deck often serves to help specifically counter your opponent's deck and gives you an advantage over your opponent (if you sided properly). Lastly, the extra deck should also be filled out regardless, as there may be situations where you would want to have it as a backup.


Single Duel Decks: Macro Rabbit (Tester) vs Nordics (Testee)

Single Results: 0/5

Single Duel Deck Construction: 4/10
Single Performance: 5/10
Concentration Throughout the duel: 4/5

Notes on Deck and Performance: Single duel went by relatively fast. Testee started off by using all his resources just to Synchro Summon a single monster, and after losing it, he had absolutely nothing left and proceeded to lose the duel. Main looks fine; side and extra need to be maxed out as I mentioned above. 

Overall Attitude: 5/5
Different Decks: 5/5

Misplays: 2/10 (-2 for each misplay)

Other Notes: You need to work on your dueling, but I'm sure you can eventually become a better duelist through hard work.

Grand Total: 42/100

You will be assigned to Slifer Red.


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