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Wring's Test Results

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Wring's Test Results

Post by K1NG 0F G4M3S on Sun Jan 26, 2014 7:50 am

Match Duel Decks: Gishki (Tester) vs Chronomaly (Testee)

Match Results: 10/15

Match Duel Deck Constuction: 12/15
Match Performance: 13/15
Concentration Throughtout the Duel: 5/5

Notes on Deck and Performance (Wanted kept private): Deck was good liked it and he played really well making a comeback to 2-1 me Smile


Single Duel Decks: Machina (Tester) vs Rescue Rab Dino (Testee)

Single Results: 5/5

Single Duel Deck Construction: 9/10
Single Performance: 9/10
Concentration Throughout the duel: 5/5

Notes on Deck and Performance (Wanted kept private): His deck was AMAZING it was so consistent and he played it awesomely Smile

Overall Attitude: 5/5
Different Decks: 5/5

Misplays: 10/10 (-2 for each misplay)

Other Notes:You are an amazing duelist
Grand Total: 88/100

You will be assigned to __OBELISK BLUE__. Welcome and enjoy your stay mate Smile

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