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Slytherin Umbreon test report

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Slytherin Umbreon test report Empty Slytherin Umbreon test report

Post by Shephard Truth on Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:38 pm

Match Duel Decks: Harpie/dragunity vs. Constellar
Match: 10/15 points

Match Deck Construction: 17/20 points
Match Performance: 15/20 points

Notes on Performance and Deck:

Single Duel Decks: Blackwing vs.Alien

Single Duel: 0/5 Points

Single Deck Construction 15/20
Single Performance: 5/10

Notes on Performance and Deck:

Performance was great at the beginning, Very decent hold off of my plays. Eventually lost hold and costed them game.

Overall Attitude: 3/5 Points
Different Decks: 5/5 Points

Grand Total: 60/100

Other Notes:

Congratulations, you will be assigned to Ra Yellow!

Slytherin Umbreon test report Jvzyd
The year 2038
Shephard Truth
Shephard Truth

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Slytherin Umbreon test report Empty Re: Slytherin Umbreon test report

Post by RekonZero on Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:08 am

correction, scores were edited yesterday so he got slifer. dorm awarded topic locked

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