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How VDA's chain of command works.

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How VDA's chain of command works. Empty How VDA's chain of command works.

Post by RekonZero on Thu Feb 18, 2016 5:26 am

Okay so there has been some confusion about the chain of command around VDA so I am here to explain how this works.

Each rank has a title associated with that rank (it can be found under your avatar in your profiles) and to the far right of that rank is a chain of command symbol. 

I will put the rank and the symbol associated with that rank starting from the bottom and going up:

1) Untested (Symbol: None) - The starting out rank at VDA, everyone starts here but after testing you will climb at least 1 spot on the rankings.

2) Slifer Red (Symbol: One Chevron) - The lowest official rank at VDA, still important but the least important.

3) Ra Yellow (Symbol: Two Chevron's) - The second lowest rank at VDA, has more say and sometimes even knowledge than a Slifer so they are, in return, more reliable than the Slifer rank.

4) Obelisk Blue (Symbol: Three Chevron's) - The second in command when it comes to the 4 dorms, these are the more experienced players that have invested more time to the academy and/or game and because of their efforts they often lead ahead of the Ra and Slifer ranks.

5) Exodia Platinum (Symbol: Illuminated Rank Plate) - The highest of the dorms. These players are experts at the game and have mastered what it takes to be the best of the best. Most reliable of the dorms and most qualified for academy representing tournaments.

None of the above ranks have any authority around the academy unless given by a admin.

Now on the the staff ranks:

1) Affiliates (Symbol: One X) - The diplomats from other academies, although no one has to take orders from them, they should still be respected as would any other staff member.

2) Assistants (Symbol: One Oblique Line) - These are the first of the VDA staff ranks. These guys are sometimes key to smoothly running VDA, they are appointed to their positions by admins based off of their individual skills in their job. They can be easily over-ruled by a higher staff rank but should still be listened to as they are still of staff rank.

3) Testers (Symbol: Two Oblique Lines) - These are the testers of VDA, their job is to make sure each member is placed into a dorm appropriate with their skill level. This job is one of the harder jobs at VDA since it requires a lot of activity and free time, that is why they are the second rank for the staff ranks. They should be listened to when given a order but, like the assistants, can be easily over-ruled.

4) Teachers (Symbol: Two Oblique Lines) - Teachers are of the same rank as Testers, their jobs are similar in that it takes a lot of time to be a teacher. It also takes a fair amount of skill in the field of teaching and game knowledge. They have the same authority as a tester.

5) Recruiters (Symbol: One Solid Diamond) - Recruiters are the first of the officer ranks for VDA, they are usually mods/admins in training and are under close monitoring from the mods/admins. They have higher authority than all other ranks because as I said, they are usually in training for mod/admin positions. The only people that can over rule recruiters are mods and admins.

6) Moderators (Symbol: One hallow Diamond) - The middle men of the officer ranks. Moderators are the legs of the admin, their job is to moderate the forum to make sure all members are in check and to keep order in the chat box/threads. They have seniority over all other ranks besides admins.

7) Administrators (Symbol: One Solid Diamond in front of a hallow Diamond) - These are the captains of VDA, admins should be listened to by all members of VDA without question (the only exception would be if I [RekonZero] said otherwise). Admins handle all administrative tasks along with monitoring the moderators to make sure their doing their job right. Admins should be highly respected seeing as they have put in a lot of time and effort into the academy to be in the spot they are in now.

8 ) Owner (Symbol: One Solid Diamond in front of two hallow Diamonds) - The owner is the boss of EVERYONE, he shall have the final say on any big choices and can basically do what ever he wants. It's because of him that the forum even is active and running so he is the most respective member of VDA and should be shown proper respect at all times. (Current owner as of this post is: RekonZero)

Okay so that is how the ranking system works and how to figure out if someone has authority over you or not. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me directly as I will be able to best answer the question.

How VDA's chain of command works. Vgmniw10

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