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Explanation of Character Alignments

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Explanation of Character Alignments Empty Explanation of Character Alignments

Post by Sevencolors on Sat Apr 25, 2015 12:43 am

Character alignments are pretty self explanatory on their own. Within this post there will be a list of all nine basic character alignments that you can use to help guide your characters choices through out a role play.

1. Lawful Good - A character that is considered lawful good will be more predisposed to doing what is right and will take part in helping others the majority of the time even if it's not their business. So long as the right choice is being made they are happy. (i.e. Your character sees a burning house and a mother yelling for her child, your character would be most likely to run in and attempt to save the child or at least retrieve what may remain of the child's body.)

2. Neutral Good - A character that is considered neutral good will have the mindset of a right doer and do the right thing almost all the time. The only real difference between neutral good and lawful good is that neutral good is only 50% likely to intervene in something going on. (i.e. less likely to save the child in the burning house but will stay to make sure that everything goes okay and even help IF ASKED and if IT'S THE RIGHT MORAL thing to do)

3. Chaotic good - A character that is considered chaotic good will, like the neutral good, have the moral views of a good character but very rarely do anything at all when something is happening and when the time comes that they must act they will do the right thing, as expected of a good character. (i.e. every one in the house and everyone outside the house magically faints so he is the only one who can do anything about it)

4. Lawful neutral - A character that is considered lawful neutral has their own set of moral standards not so much predisposed to good or bad but more or less for the well being of everyone as a whole. They believe that all should be done by the book and no other way. (i.e. the medics who arrived to said burning building and are forced to take care of the idiot arsonist who set the house on fire because it's their job)

5. True Neutral - a true neutral character wants nothing to do with anything or anyone other than them selves and care about only their own well being. They won't do anything TOO illegal but also aren't known to be the first to volunteer an organ for a family member. (i.e. the character would turn around and walk in the opposite direction after seeing the flames on the horizon.)

6. Chaotic Neutral - A character considered chaotic neutral is basically like a mercenary for hire. Will work for anyone for money so long as the task isn't anything TOO neutral and will always go off to the highest bidder. (i.e. if your character is asked to go save the child in the house he would ask how much he'd get paid to do it)

7. Lawful Evil - A character considered lawful evil has a set of morals that they will follow to the very end and most of the time they are a twisted sense of right and wrong. While these characters may be evil they know when the situation is out of hand. (i.e. your character is attempting to steal a car when the fire starts and as the fire continues to rage bigger they would leave and find a different car to steal.)

8. Neutral Evil - A character that is considered neutral evil isn't on a specific side and has no regard for the rules. They will do anything to anyone so long as they are happy in the end. (i.e. the mother crying over he potentially dead son just tripped her own cheating husband in the house breaking his ankle and leaving him stranded.)

9. Chaotic Neutral - These guys are bat crap crazy and have no regard for any ones safety, not even their own. they will do anything to anyone for any reason at all, literally. A true psychopath if one was ever to be named. (i.e. Your character is the one in the ambulance laughing his butt of because he started the fire merely because the color of the house was unpleasant to him)

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Explanation of Character Alignments Lc_210

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