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Sky Yugi's results

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Sky Yugi's results

Post by Sevencolors on Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:53 pm

Match Results
(Seven-Kun) vs (Sky Yugi)
(Wind-up) vs. (Artifact)
Result of the Duel: (Tester: 2/0/0) - (Testee: 0/0/2)

Deck Rating Total: 19/35
Main Deck Structure: 12/15 - build was fairly solid out of what i saw. i recommend you take out the Nailnaughts, and the star drawing's. the deck would benefit from three moralltach, three beagalltach, and three labrys. and one more aegis
Main Deck Synergy: 3/5 - it looked like it synched well to me but the testee didn't know how to get the plays off. remember, beag is your main play starter then follow it up with aegis and achilles to protect them. then you can follow up into what ever XYZ you need. another plus is you can pop a moralltach so you may pop thier monsters or even s/t if you are facing FF.
Side Deck: 0/10 - 
Extra Deck: 4/5 - extra was pretty solid but you can replace a zenmaioh with another durandal because durandal is too good not to have three of in the extra deck.

Match Performance Total: 11/35
Use of Cards: 7/15 - did not see use of cards very wisely. made pointless plays that lead no where.
Concentration: 4/10 -testee used unleashed without knowing it was an XYZ summon. also did not use durandals effectan my pot of duality or on my rat's effects. this cost you the game sooner than it should have.
Control of the Duel: 0/5 - no control at all.
Siding Skills: 0/5 -

Final Score: 30/70
0-39 places you in Sphere Blue
40-59 places you in Prism Green
60-70 places you in Disigma Red.

Welcome to Sphere Blue. you seem like a good person and a person who has much potential. i would like to see you stick around and grow with us. have fun here XD

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