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[TSM] Team Skyline Militia

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[TSM] Team Skyline Militia

Post by Megaz0rd on Sun Feb 23, 2014 1:23 am

Skyline Militia is a very prestigious team that is held in great respect by the members of VDA. Members of Skyline Militia must follow a strict code of conduct. Rule One. Be active. If you are not on VDA or DN at least 1 time in 2 weeks without a good reason or explination you will be taken of the team. Rule Two. Follow all current rules of VDA. Rule Three. Be respectfull to all duelists. Show pride for VDA, TSM, and yourself as a duelist. Rule Four. If somebody on TSM is disrespecting you or has said something hurtful, inform Megaz0rd, or RekonZero. We will talk about it and decide on a punishment if one is needed. There is no need to inform a staff member other than those in TSM. Inner team feuds and problems will be handled by the team. Rule Five. Have fun in your dueling and be a good sport as well as a good team member. Help each other out and play nice.

Roster & Positions
Leader: Megaz0rd
Co-Leader: RekonZero
Member 1: Watch555
Member 2: yugiohmania827
Member 3: PLivingston
Member 4: MetalNicky
Member 5: Jackachu

If you are wishing to join TSM place a application in the thread. When Megaz0rd or RekonZero see's it we will take it upon ourselves to test the applicant. After the test you will be informed of your results and whether you made the team or not. If you fail you will be given 2 more tries to join the team. If you proceed to fail on the next 2 attempts you will forbidden from trying again. If a former member that has left or been kicked due to inactivity wishes to come back the whole Team will take a vote. If the majority decides they may re-join the former member will be added to the roster without receiving a test.


Skype Username:
Current DN Username:
Current DN EXP: (Match & Single)
Current DN Win Total: (Match & Single)
Current DN Loose Total: (Match & Single)
Current DN Rating: (Match & Single)
Why you want to join TSM:

When your application is approved by Leader or Co-Leader. You will be given a test of skill. The test will be a 2/3 match on DN. You do not have to win to get in, but you are expected to try your best. You will be given your results after the test is over. Good luck applicants. Live long and prosper.



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