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Sevencolor's GFX Shop

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Sevencolor's GFX Shop

Post by Sevencolors on Sat Jul 05, 2014 10:41 pm

Welcome Guest, Welcome to my GFX Shop!

Here you can order any GFX piece you like in any size. I do have some set dimension for things to make it easier on myself but ultimatly you decide on the dimension (At a little extra cost of course)

Userbar = 100 DP

Avatar = 150 DP

Sig = 200 DP

If you are requesting personal dimensions then the prices are as listed

Custom Size Userbar = 150DP

Custom Size Avatar = 200 DP

Custom Size Sig = 250DP

Please fill out the form given in a post below when making a purchase.

GFX Type: (Userbar, Avatar, Sig)
Dimensions: (Store Regular or Custom and what size)
Render: (provide either a link or image of the render or a name of an anime character and what anime they are from)
Total Cost:

Sig Example:

Userbar Example:

Avatar Example:
None available yet

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