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shade_killer Test Results

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shade_killer Test Results

Post by Ephemeral on Thu Mar 13, 2014 8:36 pm

Match Results
(Ephemeral) vs (shade_killer)
(Worms) vs. (Galaxy/Photons)
Result of the Duel: (Tester: 2) - (Testee: 0)

Deck Rating Total: 25/30
Main Deck Structure: 9/10 

You appear to have all the basic necessities down. However, I'd recommend adding another Trade-In, since you seemed to dead draw into your GEPDs towards the end of the duel. Apart from that, the speed of the deck looks fairly well.

Main Deck Synergy: 4/5 
Everything in the deck appears to synergize well. Most, if not all, of the cards mesh together and help the deck go at a steady pace.

Side Deck: 7/10 

The side deck wasn't exactly the best. Mirror Force is usually a card that is only mained and not sided. The lone MST also doesn't exactly seem to have that great of a purpose. Some cards I'd recommend for your side would be Mind Crush, Debunk, Shadow Mirror, or any other card you feel.

Extra Deck: 5/5

Extra deck looks fine here. I'd try to find some space for a Gagaga Cowboy. 

Notes on Deck: The deck itself, overall looks good, although there were some dead draws and dead hands. 

Match Performance Total: 20/30

Use of Cards: 8/10 

Used most of his cards to his advantage, and did well with the cards he had.

Concentration: 6/10 

You did well for the most part, in terms of paying attention to the basic overview of the duel. You did, however, lose your concentration here and there, and didn't pay attention to certain things such as Normal Summoning after using Accellight and activating Decree on the same turn you set it. I recommend you pay close attention to everything you're doing. I think you were just nervous.

Control of the Duel: 3/5 

Control was back and forth for the most part, but he managed to maintain control for some points during the match, while I would dominate for the remainder.

Siding Skills: 3/5

Triple Decree should have been sided, since my deck relies heavily on backrow. Just one Decree itself gives me a lot of trouble, but three essentially just puts me out of work. Also, Prohibition would have been a good card to use against me. Either way, your choices were fine, but the ones I mentioned would have helped much better.

Ruling Test Score: 2/10 

Notes on Performance: Great duels, but you need to pay attention a bit more to what's happening on the field. (:

Final Score: 47/70
40-59 places you in Prism Green

Welcome to Prism!


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