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Ronan2610's Retest results

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Ronan2610's Retest results

Post by YoungX on Sat May 23, 2015 4:19 pm

Match Results
(YkDuel) vs (Ronan2610)
(Volcanics) vs. (Evilswarm)
Result of the Duel: Testee lost 0-2 (0/10)
Deck Rating Total: 43/45
Main Deck Structure: 12/15 - Pretty standard evilswarm build. Light imprisioning mirror in main deck is a no no. The chance of playing against light is, well a chance. Better for that to go to the side deck.
Main Deck Synergy: 8/10 - Again, standard evilswarm stuff. Evilswarm plays are all there and I see really no glaring inconsistencies, expect for the light imprisoning mirror in the main deck.
Side Deck: 8/10 - Flying "c" has kinda fallen out of favor within the meta, and macro cosmos would be better off in the main deck since dimensional fissure is in the main deck to begin with.
Extra Deck: 15/15 - Standard extra deck. Has solutions to about any situation.

Match Performance Total: 24/35
Use of Cards: 8/10 - Used your cards correctly. Though activating another kaiser colloseum next to another is strange.
Concentration: 8/10 - Put back Kerykeion from field to use infestation infection.
Control of the Duel: 5/10 - Pretty much from both games I had more advantage than he did, there were plays that he made, but usually they were countered.
Siding Skills: 3/5 - Since I used searches from rocket, it made sense to use mistake, but running more mind crush would have more sense. Mistake kinda also locks you from searches from Ophion or ROTA. Also running maxx "c" is not a good idea, since volcanics generally do not use that many special summons.

Ruling Test
Ruling Test Score: 6/10

Final Score: 73/100
0-65 places you in Slifer Red
66-85 places you in Ra Yellow
86-100 places you in Obelisk Blue.
To get Exodia Platinum, one must first achieve Obelisk Blue with at least a 95/100. Then he/she must contact a staff for the special Exodia challenge. This is extremely difficult to accomplish; very few may even get the opportunity to try for Exodia.

Welcome to Ra Yellow.

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Re: Ronan2610's Retest results

Post by D-Boyzachu100 on Sat May 23, 2015 6:00 pm

Eh this guy doesn't deserve yellow at all. I tested him twice and he got less than 0 for concentration both times (mega can attest for the first time).

And idk if I should ask to void this test results as technically I already re-tested him twice and twice at the end he quit (the one time mega didn't ask me to write up the results  (which I'm assuming is) because of how hard I beat him so we knew he was red and wasn't going to move up a dorm). I also tested him earlier today of which he quit at the end again and I didn't write up the results because he quit before giving me his deck.

Also he already had a re-test this week. So he owes 1000DP to the shop for the 2 times I tested him (when he only has 500DP) but didn't put up the results. Also there's the shop rule that you can only buy 3 re-tests a week meaning that this re-test wouldn't be doable given that I tested him twice this week and luster did too.

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