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!~Shadow's test results~!

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!~Shadow's test results~!

Post by Lusterine on Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:23 pm

Match Results
(Luster_Beast_Luke) vs (Shadow)
(Wind-Up's) vs. (Seraphs)
Result of the Duel: Testee won: 2-0 (10/10)

Deck Rating Total: ?/45

Main Deck Structure: 15/15
I see no problem with it. The testee knows what he is doing, and knows how to make the deck effective.

Main Deck Synergy: 10/10
Ran very well. Each card supports the next effectively.

Side Deck: 10/10 -
The sided deck is very well crafted for todays meta. Everything in there just shows how well the testee knows todays meta and how to combat it.

Extra Deck: 10/10 -
Although there are certain cards in the extra I wouldn't run myself, I can see why the testee runs them. As this deck is most likely TCG only, I can see why the testee has not included Cyber dragon infinity.

Notes on Deck: ^

Match Performance Total: 35/35

Use of Cards: 10/10

Concentration: 10/10

Control of the Duel: 10/10

Siding Skills: 5/5

Ruling Test Score: ?/10

Notes on Performance: ^

Final Score: 90/100 (Rulings test score not determined yet)
0-65 places you in Slifer Red
66-85 places you in Ra Yellow
86-100 places you in Obelisk Blue.

Either ways, Welcome to Obelisk Blue! I hope you have a wonderful time here at VDA! Be sure to bookmark this page so you can visit here every day!

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